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Let us be their health provider

At Next Step Landscaping, we are the proud owners of a tree nursery. We continue to build our nursery annually, and are the proud care takers of thousands of young trees. Our devotion from seedling onwards, results in our ability to provide your landscape with healthy, well cared for trees for your enjoyment now and in the future. Planting trees provides abundant benefits for both you and our environment. Plant a tree and leave a legacy for generations to come! We have the knowledge and experience to help you with tree selections to meet your needs and wishes.

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Where it all begins
With our 'green thumbs' at Next Step Landscaping, we love to see plants and trees grow and flourish. From seedlings to fully mature trees, we can ensure that your plantings will thrive for years to come. Imagine your property boasting a specimen tree or plantings that are the pride of the neighborhood!
Breathing in the benefits
They say it takes 16 trees to sequester one's carbon in a lifetime. Trees boost property values. They are beautiful, magnificent and wonderful. They give you shade, not to mention the air you breathe. My question... Why not plant trees?
It's all about the TLC
With our qualified horticulturists and professional connections within the tree care industry, we have a vast network and working knowledge of trees and shrubs. We are able to diagnose the needs of ailing plants and trees, and determine how better to meet them to ensure a return to health. Whether it is a case of soil insufficiencies, sunlight or water issues, or pruning needs, we can recommend the best way to 'treat' the 'patient'. Consider us doctors of the plant world!