Stonework Garden Pool
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Hardscapes, Garden Design, and Tree Nurseries

At Next Step Landscaping, we take pride in creating outdoor spaces that can be appreciated in all seasons and enjoyed for decades. We are able to provide our clients with 'hardscapes'-walkways, decks, porches, water features and fences, as well as 'softscapes'-plant material, grasses, shrubs and trees. When these two are combined, homeowners can then access the beauty and health benefits of the natural world, just steps from their door.

Our company is dedicated in serving all your landscape construction and horticultural needs. We have been 'playing outside' our whole lives; we know the outdoors, we love the outdoors.

Perhaps you desire a new patio and walkway or a deck. Perhaps you are wishing to enhance your existing gardens to attract more birds and butterflies. Perhaps it’s a fence or a lawn renovation you had in mind.